I am a fifth-year PhD student at URCS, working with Dr. Zhen Bai. I am passionate about learning technologies! My research and design interest lie in creating novel interactions to help people develop complex knowledge, and ultimately realize their own life values.

In 2018, I graduated from Tsinghua University, where I studied Human Factors under Industrial Engineering and started my learning and research on Human-Computer Interaction. After that, the METALS (Master of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science) program at CMU offered me a window into the intersection of learning and technology. And now, I am further pursuing my CS Ph.D. degree to build innovative and accessible educational technology with my previous experience in HCI research, user experience design, and applied learning science.

I am planning to graduate later this year and I am looking for tenure-track faculty positions or post-doc postions!

Embodied and Analogical AI Experiences for Children

#AI Literacy for Children

#Child-Centered AI

#Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment

Embodied cognition aids in simplifying complex computational concepts for children, enhancing their engagement and motivation. Analogical learning could bridge abstract AI concepts with learners' concrete prior knowledge. Moreover, embodied metaphors and analogies can offer a common ground that is accessible and inviting for children with diverse AI experiences.


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Machine Learning (ML) for Scientific Inquiry (SI) Learning in K-12

#Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment

#AI Literacy for Children

This thread of research aims to answer the questions: (1) how can we develop accessible ML-supported SI learning experiences for K-12 students and teachers with limited CS/ML knowledge? (2) how ML can support K-12 teachers and students to conduct data-drive SI for STEM learning? (3) how to support K-12 teachers in creating ML-supported SI learning activities?

Media Coverage

News10NBC, High school students learn the power and ethics of AI at University of Rochester summer camp (2024) [Story]


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Insights and Future Opportunities for AI in Education

#Literature Review

#AI Literacy for Children

#AI in Education

There is a need for additional interdisciplinary human-computer interaction and education research investigating (1) how general AI literacy is currently implemented in learning experiences and (2) how data and more advanced AI techniques can empower learning experience design? What can we learn from existing research and what future design opportunities are there?


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Design for Social Life and Well-Being

#Design for Social Life

#Design for Healthcare & Well-Being

I am also interested in more general design for people's lifelong learning, social life, and mental & physical well-being. In this research thread, I have explored how assistive video filters can be designed for Parkinson's Disease patients, and how short-term abstinence can mitigate people's problematic social media use. I am brainstorming more ideas related to gamification, web app design, AR technologies for lifelong learning and mental well-being, etc.


highlight Best Paper Award Nominee Haut, Kurtis, Adira Blumenthal, Sarah Atterbury, Xiaofei Zhou, Wasifur Rahman, Emanuela Natali, Rafayet Ali, Ehsan Hoque. “Assistive Video Filters for People with Parkinson's Disease to Remove Tremors and Adjust Voice.” In 2022 10th International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII) (pp. 1-8). IEEE. (ACII 2022) [Publication]

Zhou, Xingchen, Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, Chi-Lan Yang, and Xiaofei Zhou. "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-Based Short-Term Abstinence Intervention for Problematic Social Media Use: Improved Well-Being and Underlying Mechanisms." Psychiatric Quarterly (2020): 1-19. (Psychiatric Quarterly) [Publication]

Hawaii, photographed by Zhenyao Cai, 2024
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I started sketching comics about my PhD journey. Feel free to click on them and take a look :) More pieces are on their way!

Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, photographed by Xiaofei, 2017
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Besides design and research, I really enjoy creating artworks, and please feel free to view some of them in my art portfolio.

I am learning to play the drum set.

I am also a fan of jogging, hiking and badminton.

Here is a small world I am trying to build, to teach my friend Chinese!

Rochester, photographed by Xiaofei, 2024
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