Ni hao

  • Ni hao: 你好
  • Translation | Hello; How are you?
  • What's more | 你(ni, third tone) means "you". 好(hao, third tone) means "good, well, fine"

Zao shang hao

  • Zao shang hao: 早上好
  • Translation | Good morning
  • What's more | 早上(zao, third tone; shang, forth tone) means "morning". 好(hao, third tone) means "good, well, fine"

Hao jiu bu jian

  • Hao jiu bu jian: 好久不见
  • Translation | Long time no see
  • What's more | 好久(hao, third tone; jiu, third tone) means "for a long time". 不见(bu, second tone; jian, forth tone) means "not to see someone/something"

Zui jin zen me yang

  • Zui jin zen me yang: 最近怎么样?
  • Translation | How's everything going recently?
  • What's more | 最近(zui, forth tone; jin, forth tone) means "recently". 怎么(zen, third tone; me) means "how". 样(yang, forth tone) means "the look/status of something"

Zai jian

  • Zai jian: 再见
  • Translation | Goodbye
  • What's more | 再(zai, forth tone) means "once more". 见(jian, forth tone) means "see someone/something"
  • What's more than more | With friends, "bye bye" is used more frequently.

Wo gan dao

  • Wo gan dao: 我感到
  • Translation | I feel
  • What's more | 我(wo, third tone) means "I, me". 感(gan, third tone)到(dao, forth tone) means "feel"
  • What's more than more | Wo gan dao +
Wo, 我 (third tone)
Ni, 你 (third tone)
Ta, 他/她 (first tone)
Ta Men, 他们/她们 (first tone, \)
Xie, 写 (third tone)
Chi, 吃 (first tone)
He, 喝 (first tone)
Kan, 看 (forth tone)
Dai Ma, 代码 (forth tone, third tone)
Zuo Ye, 作业 (forth tone, forth tone)
Xiao Shuo, 小说 (third tone, first tone)
Ping Guo, 苹果 (second tone, third tone)
Xiang Jiao, 香蕉 (first tone, first tone)
Kao Rou, 烤肉 (third tone, forth tone)
Mi Fan, 米饭 (third tone, forth tone)
Ke Le, 可乐 (hird tone, forth tone)
Wan Fan, 晚饭 (third tone, forth tone)
Pi Jiu, 啤酒 (second tone, thrid tone)
Dian Ying, 电影 (forth tone third tone)
Ji Wei Jiu, 鸡尾酒 (first tone, third tone)(Jiu, third tone)
Tang, 汤 (Tang, first tone)
Huo Guo, 火锅 (third tone, first tone)
Xin, 信 (forth tone)
Ri Ji, 日记 (forth tone, forth tone)